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  • Dr. Kazique J. 王子, (Chair) (pronounced ka-ZEE-kay) is the Global Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & 属于NI公司,即以前的国家仪器公司.  He is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive workforce diversity, 股本, (DEIB)项目, 并领导DEIB战略, 项目的目标, and metrics working with the organization to drive those outcomes that promote DEIB through communications, 教育和领导行动. He also is the founder and chief executive officer of Jelani Consulting, 有限责任公司, a small business established for nearly fifteen years in diversity, 股本, 跨行业的包容和归属空间. He developed Djembe: Inspiring Inclusive Connections as a tool to encourage conversations, 激发勇气和脆弱, 赞美差异,帮助驾驭多样性, 股本, 和包容. 


  • 艾米丽·罗林斯, (财务主管)退休合伙人, 德勤, 律师事务所, has more than 23 years of experience providing services to early-stage, 风险投资支持的公司通过大型上市公司, 主要是在技术方面, 媒体, 风险投资行业. 为她早期的客户服务, Emily balances a practical approach with her deep experience in internal control over financial reporting, internet-empowered企业, 软件收入确认, 业务组合, 股票薪酬. 在她的职业生涯中, Emily已经服务了50多个TMT(技术), 媒体 and telecommunications) companies as well as several medical device and life-sciences companies. She currently leads 德勤’s Technology industry audit practice in Austin, is a member of the firm’s New Revenue Recognition Requirements team, and co-leads the firm’s Audit Innovation Internal Control project.

  • Lahoma戴德 (董事会秘书), is an award-winning entrepreneur who has always believed in lifting others and leading them to success. She ensures success at every step thanks to a multi-pronged game plan she cultivated throughout a career spanning operational management at a startup, 活动策划, 在银行和金融业工作了十多年. 

    的首席执行官 事件释放, a luxury-boutique 活动策划 and consulting firm headquartered in in Austin, TX Lahoma dedicates much of her time to working with marginalized and under represented communities. Lahoma在创造时刻和动作方面发挥着作用, from cultural weddings to large fundraisers to bridge racial and social divides. 

  • Mr. 斯蒂芬。 Elkins,微软客户总监. 斯蒂芬。 served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Austin, 通信与技术管理系, (CTM).  作为CIO, Mr. Elkins oversees the Department’s use of information technology to improve performance and manage risk across the City’s overall organization.  Mr. Elkins领导该部门的企业架构, 信息系统, 资讯科技治理, 安全, and information resources management programs in collaboration with all organizational components of the Department. Mr. Elkins has been selected for numerous awards since being appointed as CIO.  最近,他被评为25大实干家之一, 梦想家, 政府科技2015年的驱动因素.

  • 托马斯·米兰达, Sparkovation Advisors首席执行官, 当过工程师, manager and executive for nearly two decades within high growth Fortune 100 Silicon Valley firms HP Palo Alto and mostly Cisco ranging from product development, 企业战略, 企业IT, 销售策略的运作和管理. He has also served as a director and chairman to numerous regional and statewide nonprofits, led executive director search/transitions and has advised several startups, 首席执行官和大公司. 作为Sparkovation Advisors的负责人, 托马斯一直积极参与中国购彩信誉平台公司的咨询, 首席执行官们, corporations and investment portfolios on value creation, 领导/人才, 商业策略, 数字转换, IT现代化和发展.


      20年的广告老手, 莱斯利 Wingo leads an agency of 90 people across offices in Austin, 埃尔帕索, 和纽约. She is a respected community leader in the areas of marketing, social welfare and cultural diversity.

      莱斯利 is responsible for the firm’s strategic direction and overall business development. 她曾领导过州立农场的竞选活动, 美国邮政局, 汉堡王和其他蓝筹品牌. 2012年和2016年, 黑人企业杂志 named her one of the nation’s Top Women in Advertising and Marketing.莱斯利 has served in director and committee chair roles on several boards, 包括奥斯汀广告联盟, 德州美国心脏协会, 美国肺脏协会, 奥斯汀天文馆和当代奥斯汀. She is currently serving as the board chair for AIDS Services of Austin. In 2011, 莱斯利 was awarded the Silver Medal by the Austin Advertising Federation and has been recognized as one of the finalists for the Austin Business Journal’s 2014 Profiles in Power.

      莱斯利 is an accomplished athlete and longtime member of Travis County Strength. 她和丈夫住在奥斯汀, 克里斯托弗·马丁内斯, 他们的女儿, Eleana, 还有一只叫德州小姐的西施犬.

  • 罗杰。戴维斯 is a retired accountant for 3M and is the im媒体te Past President of the National Association of Black Accountants and a board member for the Black Professional Alliance. 他是佛罗里达大学的毕业生 & M University and is actively involved in the Greater Austin community.

  • TiWanna一. 肯尼, Auctioneer, Fundraising Consultant, Speaker, lifelong language lover, was born a Fast Talker. As the owner, lead auctioneer, and driving force behind Astounding 拍卖 & Fundraising Strategies, she has turned her love for speaking into a livelihood. TiWanna is in the business of busting stereotypes and breaking molds. As the first and only African American woman to earn the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation through the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). Working in an industry that is less than 15% female and with low ethnic diversity she is continually advocating for diversity. 她的工作兼具创造力和魅力, believing everyone has the skills and ability to make an impact in the world.  Driven by a genuine desire for helping others, she works diligently to see people win.


    Socar Chatmon - Thomas

    房地产经纪人,经纪人优雅的房地产公司 & 拍卖

    Socar is known throughout the real estate community as an innovative and creative force in advanced marketing and real estate sales. 拥有超过十年的房地产经验, Socar is a sought after marketing consultant to many real estate investors and agents across the United States. She has taught industry leaders her hands-on marketing techniques and demonstrates how the auction method can speed up the real estate sales cycle.


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